The operational approach

PISIE is constantly linked with Assomac,,  the association which represents the Italian manufacturers of machines for footwear, leathergoods and tanning industries. Assomac represents over the 90% of the Italian sectorial manufacturers. Its associated companies are world leaders, supplying over 50% of the world demand for shoe and leathergoods machines, and over 80% of the demand for tanning machines.

The Italian leather and leather products sector is leader in the world market for fashion, technology and design, while the Italian tanning compartment output production represents the 62,5% of the European production, the 15,9% of the total turnover world value and the 11,2% of total world production.


PISIE operates with a permanent staff and with a large and permanent network of International Consultants, each one specialized in his/her field of activity and with a multiannual work experience.